Visual Guide to Missionary Data

The diagram and definitions below will be used to help clarify the data migration that links Missionary data columns to site content and how it will look when filled out correctly.

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Below is a table with the descriptions of each field and the fields required for importing along with examples. Reminder: Any bold items are required!

Column NameTypeSizeRequiredNotesExample
ContentItem.namestring100YesThe item name that will be seen in the admin interfaceAfrica Campaign
ContentItem.aliasstring100NoLowercase characters, numbers and dashes are accepted. If this is not passed a converted version of will be usedafrica-campaign
ContentItem.external_idstring50YesRecord's ID from the external data source. Also known as the Campaign External IDPRJ-01
ContentItem.publish_datetimedatetimeNoShould be passed in the format Y-m-d H:i:s2015-01-25 16:30:00
ContentItem.unpublish_datetimedatetimeNoShould be passed in the format Y-m-d H:i:s2015-03-31 00:00:00
ContentItem.is_searchableboolean1NoDetermines if the item will be indexed for search. Acceptable values are 0 and 1, with 1 being that it is able to be indexed and 0 for being non-indexed1
ContentItem.external_person_idstring50NoThis is the ID passed from the Person/Group data map to the 'external_id'PERSON-01
ContentItem.external_person_is_groupboolean1NoSet this to 1 for linking with a people group record, or 0 to not link to a people group record0
ContentItem.content_folder_idinteger11NoID of the SiteStacker content folder (only pass if you want to override the default)12
ContentItem._use_content_folder_defaultsboolean1NoUse this to merge the content folder defaults with the data1
WorkflowStage.idinteger11NoID of the SiteStacker Workflow Stage (only pass if you want to override the default)3
text_onestring300YesThis is the primary text that will be first to display (Ex: First Name)Africa
text_twostring300YesThis is the secondary text that will be displayed next (Ex: Last Name)Campaign
image_onestring1000No(Multi-Field: Use |#| separator for multiple values)
url_onestring300NoFirst Social Media URL
url_twostring300NoSecond Social Media URL
url_threestring300NoThird Social Media URL
url_fourstring300NoFourth Social Media URL
url_fifestring300NoFifth Social Media URL
url_sixstring300NoSixth Social Media URL
url_sevenstring300NoSeventh Social Media URL
geo_location.locationtextNoDetermine the specified location of the content item you are importing
geo_location.latitudefloatNoThis determines your specific location's latitude
geo_location.longitudefloatNoThis determines your specific location's longitude
text_area_onetextNoThis is the initial summary text that will not be seen on the Full View page
text_area_twotextNoThis is the body text that will be seen on the Full View page
image_two.urlstring300NoThis is the URL of your second image
image_two.alt_textstring300NoThis field will apply alt text to your image, which is great for SEO purposes
image_two.brightnessinteger11NoThis field adjusts the brightness of the image you chose
image_two.contrastinteger11NoThis field adjusts the contrast of the image you chose
image_two.position_hstring300NoThis adjusts the horizontal position of the image you choose
image_two.position_vstring300NoThis adjusts the vertical position of the image you choose
ContributionCampaign.goal_amountdecimal10,2NoThe goal amount for this campaign25000.00
ContributionCampaign.min_amountdecimal10,2NoThe minimum amount that can be donated towards this campaign5.00
ContributionCampaign.max_amountdecimal10,2NoThe maximum amount that can be donated towards this campaign1000.00
ContributionCampaign.startdateNoStart date of this campaign. Should be passed in the format Y-m-d H:i:s2015-01-15
ContributionCampaign.enddateNoEnd date of this campaign. Should be passed in the format Y-m-d H:i:s2016-01-15
ContributionCampaign.accounting_codestring50NoReserved for Virtuous integration
ContributionCampaign.inventory_statusstring50NoReserved for Virtuous integration
ContributionCampaign.show_extra_fieldboolean1NoFlag to enable the extra data field for this campaign. 0=Do Not Show 1=Show1
ContributionCampaign.extra_field_labelstring100NoLabel for the extra data fieldMissionary Name
ContributionCampaign.extra_field_is_requiredboolean1NoDetermines if the extra data field should be required. 0=Not Required 1=Required1
ContributionCampaign.allow_multiple_in_cartboolean1NoDetermines if the system should allow the user to have multiple gifts towards this campaign in the same batch0
ContributionCampaign.is_disabledboolean1NoDetermines if the campaign should allow donations1

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