Pre-Login Tokens: Setting a Time Limit

Pre-Login Tokens give you the ability to send hyperlinks through Site Stacker that provide certain access to receivers. For example, a pre-login token link may be sent to a new missionary to help them set up their password for their user account.

You now have the ability to send pre-login tokens that expire after a certain amount of time. This aids in creating a more secure email environment, as these links will no longer be accessible after a certain timeframe has passed.

After the link expires, if it is clicked on, the receiver will be directed to a page where they can request a new link. A new email will be sent with a fresh link, which will expire after the same amount of time. This loop can be completed as many times as needed.


To set up this pre-login token for your system messages, you may use this template that includes the time parameter:


Template Explanation:

{full_url}: This parameter defines the page on your site that the link directs to.

{personId}: When the receiver clicks on the link, this parameter defines the role that the receiver is logged into.

{time}: This is the parameter where we define the time limit of the link’s usability. This time limit is set in seconds. For example, if the link should remain valid for one day, the parameter would be set to 86400 seconds.

{sess_process_id:processId}: This piece keeps track of the engagement id.


Pre-login tokens are often used during automated workflows to give an outside person the ability to complete a single task. A common example of this is when an applicant lists a reference, and the reference is invited to fill out a form.

  1. Make sure that your installation is up-to-date by running all of the most recent updates.

  2. In your workflow where you are sending an email to a role, use the pre-login token template to create a link. With all of the parameters, this token may look like the following:


This token lists the page that the email link will direct to (This example uses a site channel variable and appends a path to it for a specific page), the id of the Reference role that is defined in the workflow, and the amount of time the link will be valid for in seconds.

After the email has been sent, the link will expire after 24 hours. When the user clicks on the link after this time, they will be able to request a new link. A new email with the link will be sent automatically, and then will expire after the same amount of time that was defined originally.

Modified on Wed, 10 Apr 2024 at 05:31 PM

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