Relationship Import

To import a type of relationship between two CRM records, we must first make sure that this relationship is already configured. To do this, we go to the CRM component -> Configuration -> Relationship, and here we will see a list of the relationships that are already configured.

If the relationship we want to import is not already configured, we will click on "Add" and a window will appear where we can add the new relationship. Here we add the first label in the "Label" field (for example: Parent), check the "Opposite" checkbox and add the second label in the "Opposite Label" field (for example: Child).

After checking this, we go to the Import -> Documentation component and look for "CRM Relation Type - Parent". Then we download the import file by selecting it and pressing the "Download selected" button.

In the documentation we can see that the fields "external_person_id" and "related_external_person_id" are Required, in these we will enter the external_person_id of the 2 CRM records. If any of these are in CRM -> Groups we will introduce "1" in the external_person_is_group field.

Let's take the present case as an example, we have these 2 CRM records: Bob Peterson with external id: IN347812 and Jason Peterson with external id: IN997210. Let's say we want to import the Parent - Child relationship, where Bob Peterson is the parent and Jason Peterson is the child. For this we will put the external id of the child (Jason Peterson) in the "external_person_id" column, and the id of the parent (Bob Peterson) in the "related_external_person_id" column.

The import file will look like this:

When we save the file, we must make sure that its name starts with the ID of the import file we downloaded followed by a period and a space, in our case the file has the ID "283", so its name will have to be something like: “283. CRM Relation Type - Parent”.

After that we go again to the Import -> Imports component and here we will upload the file by pressing "Upload". After it is loaded, right click on it and press "Run Import in The Background".

If the file ran successfully, we can see the relationship in CRM.

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 04:55 PM

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